Veluwsche Stoomtrein MaatschappijWelcome to the VSM
Travel back in time and relive the technology of days gone by.

Listen to the impressive steam whistle and feel the power of the mighty locomotives steaming away. The trip will take you over the railway line between Apeldoorn and Dieren, which is over a century old. The station at Beekbergen stands at the heart of this living railway museum.

De Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatschappij (VSM) was founded in 1975 and has been a special attraction on the Veluwe from that day on. An impressive and diverse array of rolling stock has been assembled, containing a large collection of steam and diesel locomotives, historical carriages and boxcars. Most of this collection is displayed at the steam depot in Beekbergen.


Museumstation der VSMMuseum station Beekbergen

The Museum station of the VSM stands in Beekbergen, where you will also find the steam depot and the engine-house with the large workshop. It has a beautiful old building with an authentic station office, you will see a large turntable, a crane for loading coal, water columns, mechanical signals, manually operated level crossings and much, much more of what could historically be seen on and near the tracks.

Experience the railway of the steam era travelling with our steam train!